Sending a Debug File from an Android Mobile device Via TeamViewer

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A debug file is primarily sent via email,

the links below contain articles that give steps on how a user can send a debug email from android and iOS devices to the support team.

How to send a Debug email - iOS

How to send a Debug email - Android

However, this is not always possible, because the file might be too big (>25MB on Gmail and >10MB on other emails), email blocks/delays.

This article elaborates on a option of getting a debug file, i.e. remotely from the Users mobile device to our computers using TeamViewer.



The user must first install a Teamviewer Quicksupport app on their Skynamo devices.

Refer to the link below:

How to install Teamviewer Quicksupport on my device

  • Android 10 and below

1. Launch your team viewer app on your computermceclip0.png


2. And request that the User launches their TeamViewer QuickSupport app on their mobile devices and give you their TeamViewer ID   



3. Insert the ID on the Partner ID space (i), select Remote control (ii) and click on connect (iii)



4. A connection request will then be sent to the mobile user and they need to select Allow



5. The screen below will be presented when the connection is established, then select File transfer



6. The left side displays your computer interface, and the right side displays the User’s mobile device interface. 



7. From your computer on the left, select a location where you will save your debug file



8. From the User’s interface:

  • Select the External Storage file folder 


  • Click on the Android folder


  • And select the com.myhoneybeekeeper.reptile file folder


  • And then select the data file folder


  • The debug file is usually compressed and label, companyname_username…., as seen below



9. Drag and drop the debug file from the right to the left side of the screen.


  • Android 11 and above

For Android 11 devices, however, the steps above do not work. This is because Google made some big changes to the Scoped Storage functionality that it began to implement with Android 10. One of the biggest user-facing changes is removing access to the "Android/data" folder, blocking all apps (including file managers) from accessing any data within it. Therefore you will need to follow a different path to retrieve the debug using TeamViewer.

Please see the following article here on how to get past this.

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