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From 10 February 2021, your Skynamo instance will be accessed from a Skynamo.me address, rather than a myhoneybeekeeper.com address.  

Customers who have been with Skynamo for several years will remember that our app used to be called Honeybee and that’s why your app has been hosted at the web address, myhoneybeekeeper.com 

Now we are updating the web address to a Skynamo address. 


What does this mean for you? 

When accessing Skynamo through your browser, you will soon be greeted by a redirect page from where you will be directed to your new address.  

Please update your web address bookmarks, favorites and starred sites as well as your desktop shortcuts accordingly to skip this step in the future. 

If you make use of our Android and iOS mobile apps and you keep them updated, you won’t have to do anything. If you haven’t updated your Skynamo app in a while, you should take the opportunity to update it. 


Why is this happening now? 

We regularly make security upgrades as part of our ISO27001 certification. One of those recent changes was to significantly upgrade our cloud infrastructure. While we were making these upgrades, it became possible to update the web address we use for our clients to a Skynamo address.  

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