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If you have filled in a form at a customer, it may be that you will need approval from a manager or other user before the form and its contents can be implemented or actioned.

This article will explain how to setup such a form and it will explain the process once such a form is filled in.

Setup of the approval form:

First, you need to add an approver to the form in question. The approver can be the account manager or anyone who will have the authority to approve or decline the form.

You can add an approver to an existing form or a new form to ensure that the form does not get actioned without being approved.  The form will require the approver's email and the email of the implementer. The implementer is someone who will action the form after it has been approved. 


You can edit or create an approval form from scratch. If you are editing an already existing form and want to make it an approval form. You can jump to step no. 3, if you want to create a new form, you will need to login into Skynamo and open the forms tab. 

  1. Upon opening the forms tab, click on the "Add Form" button to create a new form. 

  2. The new form will be empty, you will then have to select the types of fields your form must have from the left. Please refer to the following article for more information about creating new forms: How To Create A Form - Explained.

  3. After adding all your questions and renaming them, you will then need to add a label at the bottom of the form. After adding the label, change the font type to the fine print type.

  4. Then add the emails of the approver and implementer in the label, please note that the approvers and implementers are separated by ";".

    You can have more than one approver and implementer.

    If you have more than one approver, they are split by a semi-colon (";") and the configuration is as follows: Approver 1: email_address; Approver 2: email_address.

    If you have more than one implementer, the configuration is a bit different and they are also split by a comma (","): Implementer: email_adress, email_adress etc.

    The screenshot illustrates this configuration:

  5. When you are done editing the form, you can click create, this will save the form and open the form results. The form results will be empty since no one has completed the form yet. Then click the form questions to review the questions you added or skip to the form configuration for our next step.

  6. When you opened the configuration tab, add the approvals email of Skynamo - This is the email that Skynamo will use to send the form to their intended recipients for approval. When you are done, save the changes. 

  7. When you are done editing the form, ask your users to sync their devices so that they can have the latest information from the server, including the form. The form will have the intended approvers and the implementer's email addresses.  After your team then completed this form they would just click on Save to submit the form as they would with any normal form.

    Emailing process

    Three groups of people are involved in the emailing process: (1) The user who filled in the form to be approved or declined; (2) Approvers; and (3) Implementers.

    (Please note, this assumes that no user was added as an email recipient in Step 6. If a user was added here, this user will receive an email once the form has been filled in by any user, including himself/herself.)

  8. Approver 1 will receive an email asking them to approve the form. The first approver will check the form to see if it meets the requirements and approve it or decline it. If the approver, approves the form, it will then be sent to Approver 2, who will then have to approve or decline the form.
  9. As the approver, when you click on either the Approve button or Decline button, it will take you to a web page where you can then give a reason why you are approving this request or declining it. When you click submit. It will give you a message that says approved or declined.
  10. If the form has been approved, the user who initially filled in the form, will receive an email stating "Request approved by approver_email_address" notifying him/her that the form was approved or declined.
  11. The implementer(s) will receive an email with the copy of the form stating "Please action this request." at the bottom of the email.

If you need any further assistance with regards o the above steps, please do not hesitate to contact the support team at or 0861 345 345.

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