How to duplicate a form

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If you would like to have similar forms with slight changes, depending on the different customers reps visit, or the region in which the reps operate in etc., it may be a time-consuming process to create similar forms, especially if the forms are quite lengthy. The good news is that you are able to duplicate forms on Skynamo, so that two or more identical forms are on your instance, which you then can adjust according to the needs that the form address. To do this, please see the steps set out below: 


1. Login to your instance.


The following page will appear:



2. Click on the URL at the top of your page. It will look something like this:


Instead of “skynamoacademy” the name of your instance/organization will appear.


Delete the /Reports/Dashboard part in the URL and replace it with /customfields. The URL should now look something like this:



A page similar to the following should appear:



3. Search for the form that you want to duplicate. Select the "Clone" button to the right of the form name. For this example, the Credit Request Form is used.




4. You will then be prompted to enter a name for the new form. Then select "Clone" in Blue.





5. You will notice that “New Form” will be added to the list of forms. 




6. Navigate to the Forms tab on your instance. The form will appear here.


From here you can configure the form and change the questions according to your preferences.

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