Order integration failures

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Not all orders created on Skynamo will successfully push into the ERP (or financial) systems.  These failures can be due to temporary connection failures, faulty data, or for other reasons. By ensuring Skynamo remains up to date, clients have been able to achieve success rates of more than 99.99%.


Failures due to faulty data

To operate effectively, ERP systems have constraints which orders need to adhere to before it is accepted.  Skynamo can be configured to operate more loosely and not adhere to the ERP system's constraints and when an order is generated, it will be rejected by the ERP system.  Examples of order failures due to faulty data and possible remedies:

The customer does not exist in the financial system

The customer is on-hold due to non-payment

  • Users can be instructed not to place orders at blocked customers

The pricing is not set up on the financial system

  • The price can be captured by Skynamo
  • Test an order in the financial system and see if the price calculates automatically.  If not, ensure that a valid price list or contract is assigned to both the customer and the item in question

The delivery date is too early

  • Remove the ability to set the delivery date on Skynamo and allow the ERP system to calculate the delivery date automatically
  • Instruct users to remain within the delivery date constraints when capturing the delivery date for orders

The price does not exceed the cost by the required margin

  • Set up a minimum price list on Skynamo so that orders cannot be captured below the required price

An item is out-of-stock

  • Instruct users not to place orders at items where the stock levels are low
  • Request that items are automatically deactivated when the stock levels are low

Reprocessing orders

Once an order failure has occurred, Skynamo can send an e-mail to a list of recipients, either based on Skynamo configuration or a preset list.  If the failure was temporary, an order can be reprocessed by clicking on the Resend order button.

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