Order integration failures at HB_ customers

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Not all orders created on Skynamo will successfully push into the ERP (or financial) systems.  One of the most common failure points is HB_ customers.


What is an HB_ customer?


Skynamo users can be authorized to create customers on Skynamo.  Skynamo customer codes are required and in order to create customers, Skynamo generates its own customer codes.  Since customer code clashes can lead faulty customers, Skynamo automatically prepends the codes with HB_ to ensure they do not match a different customer on the ERP system.  Skynamo used to be called Honeybee and the HB was a key that was easy to associate with Honeybee.

What happens when an order is placed at an HB_ customer?

Skynamo records the order.  If order integration is active, an attempt will be made to push this order into the ERP system.  Since Skynamo is not configured to create customers on ERP systems, the ERP system will reject the order as the order cannot be attributed to any customer in the ERP system. If notifications are set up, the users will receive an e-mail notification to say that the order failed to push into the ERP system.

How to minimize the HB_ order integration failures?

Skynamo order integration often hits more than 99.9% order integration success rates, but it requires diligent maintenance of both the ERP system and Skynamo by the system administrator who has access to both the ERP system and Skynamo. 

Option 1 - Do not place orders at HB_ customers

In the case of HB_ failures, orders should not be placed at HB_ customers. 

Option 2 - Disable for users from creating customers on Skynamo

The easiest way to prevent it is to disable the creation of customers by the field users on Skynamo. Uncheck the Add checkbox in the Customers' line in the Customer permissions


Option 3 - Update Skynamo codes when leads are converted into customers

Most administrators opt for the single manual maintenance of keeping the two systems in sync.  When the lead is converted into a customer and the customer is loaded into the ERP system, the code generated needs to be carried over to Skynamo. 


Option 4 - Merge Customers

HB_ customers can be merged into their non-HB_ counterparts.  Skynamo can also perform a fuzzy lookup on the customer names to identify the most likely counterpart to assist with this. This article provides more information on how to Merge customers on Skynamo.

What should I do now that my order integration failed?

Most ERP administrators simply capture the order on the ERP system and then fix the underlying problem.  If the underlying problem is fixed, a second attempt at order integration can also be made by clicking on the Resend order e-mail button. 

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