GPS/Location issues – Troubleshooting (iOS) [Also resolves the issue where time worked is incorrect]

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It might happen that Skynamo does not calculate your clock in time or distance travelled.

This might be caused by multiple factors:

  1. The location/GPS is turned off 
  2. Maps need an update 
  3. The device software is not up to date
  4. Skynamo is not up to date

When the distance travelled is not being calculated on Skynamo, you will need to check if Skynamo is picking up your location by checking your Customers tab to see if your customers are shown based on their distance relative to you. 



This can also be checked by opening the Near Me tab. It will show you all the customers near you on the map. On the map below, the user is located on the red box with a pink location pin on it. 




You can also check if the visits completed show any location on them. If not, you will then need to perform the following troubleshooting steps to see what could be causing Skynamo to not pick up your location or calculate your worked time. 

1. On your device, you need to click on Settings




2. Then scroll down on your device settings and click Skynamo.

3. When you have clicked Skynamo, check if Location is set to Always on and Motion and Fitness are turned on. 



4. When still on Skynamo in settings, switch location to Never and back to Always.



5. You will then need to go back to settings on your device and click the search bar. 



6. Search for Location. Click Location with the hand icon as highlighted below. 



7. Check if Location Services is turned on if it is not, switch it on. 



8. When you are still on the Location tab you then have to click the Share My Location button and check if it is switched on. 



9. You are now done looking at the location settings, you need to go back to the search bar on settings and search for Background App Refresh.




10. Click on the Background App Refresh button, and check if the Background App Refresher is turned on for Skynamo and Maps. 



11. Go back to Settings on your device and scroll down to General Settings. 




12. Under general settings, you will then have to click on the Software Update button and check if your device needs any software updates. If it does, please update your device. 




13. Lastly, when you are still in general settings, you will have to click on the Date and Time button. Check if the 24-Hour Time is switched on, and also switch Set Automatically off



You can now back to your device's home page and open App Store on your device.



When you open the App Store and search for Maps. This will give you all the maps within the app store. You will then have to click on Maps. 




When you click on Maps. It will give you an option to update your Maps if it needs an update, or you can open it if it is updated. 




Go back to the search bar on the App Store and Search for Skynamo. 




Click on Skynamo and it will give you an option to update Skynamo in case your application is not updated. If your Skynamo is updated it will then just ask you to open Skynamo. 




When you are done, with all the troubleshooting. You will then have to switch your device off and then back on again. When you have switched your device back on. Please open Skynamo on your device.




When you open Skynamo, you will then have to click on Start My Day. 




When you have clocked into Skynamo it will show you a home page. Click on the Settings button in the top right corner. 




When you have opened the settings button, click on Synchronize Now. This will pull any changes from the server to your device and push any changes from your device to the server. 




After Syncing your device, go to the home page again and click on the Customers tab and check if your device is now pulling the customers based on your location. 




Also, try the following:

- Turn on WIFI to improve location accuracy.

- Turn on automatic date and time.

- Move to an open area (GPS signal can be corrupted by buildings, hills, tunnels etc.)

- Toggle airplane mode and location services off and on again.


If none of the above steps has worked to start pulling through your work time and picking up your location on Skynamo.  Can you please contact the Support Team by sending an email to or call 0861 345 345.

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