Why am I not receiving emails from Skynamo

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With Skynamo sending a high number of emails to your mail server and it being from a no-reply email (usually no-reply@skynamo.com), it is possible that the mail servers identify our emails as spam, resulting in our emails delivering to spam or junk email folders.


This article is intended for your IT department/email administrator to ensure that all emails sent from Skynamo get delivered to your work email address.


Two easy steps can be taken to make sure that you will receive emails within your inbox from Skynamo. (It is important to note, there will be an increase in SMTP connections.)


Step 1: Whitelist our external IP address
Our IP address is:


Step 2: Configure your mail server to allow incoming connection from our domain
Our domain: @skynamo.com


All of the above needs to be done through your internal IT/Mail hosting company as Skynamo unfortunately won't have access to your internal emails.



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