Xero user assignments using a Tracking field

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When using Xero accounting, together with Skynamo, the user assignments can either be managed on Xero using a Tracking field or on Skynamo outside of the integration implementation.  The default behavior is for the user assignments to be managed from Skynamo and this article describes the steps needed to manage the assignments from Xero.

Step 1: Follow the steps on this page to set up a tracking field on Xero and assign the user values


Step 2: Submit a Skynamo ticket with the following subject line: "Enable Xero user assignments using the Tracking Field".  Please log the tracking field's name in the body of the request.

Step 3: Wait for the Integration team to enable Integration user assignments on this field

Step 4: Once the activation is complete, follow the steps outlined on this page to manage the user assignments:  https://support.skynamo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002771998-Integration-user-assignments

 For further help or any questions contact our friendly support team on 861 345 345 or send a mail to support@skynamo.com

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