Comparing the Missed Call, Missed Call by User and Call Cycle Compliance reports

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In Skynamo there are different ways of planning, and making sure none of your customers are being missed. There are 3 reports that are similar, but report on very different things.


Missed Call Report

The first report is the Missed Call Report. The Missed Call Report displays the customers that your users are assigned to, that have not been seen in a given time frame. The users do not need to do the planning in their calendar, and from the management no cycle needs to be applied. It simply shows the customers that have not been seen within the selected time frame. This time frame is adjusted within the "visit age" filter.


If the visit age is set to 28 days, all customers that are assigned to you, that you did not visit in the last 28 days, will be shown along with the amount of days ago that you last visited them.



Call Compliance Report

The second report is the Call Cycle Compliance Report which reports on scheduled visits over a specified time period. This report will specifically show you visits that have been planned in the calendar as scheduled visits, that (1) have not been completed; (2) have completed on the day it was scheduled for; and (3) have been completed late. It also provides information regarding the percentage of visits that has been completed off-site.



Missed Call by User Report

Lastly, we have the Missed Call by User Report, that displays the customers that have Missed Calls (Visits) / Calls Pending for the specified time period, based on the user’s visit frequencies.

In other words, this report shows the visit/call requirements for a user at each customer that they require to visit as per the visit frequencies. Therefore, his report requires management to set up a Visit Frequency for the customers, or the users to assign a Visit Frequency from their side.


To summarise:

The Missed Call report will report on any customer not seen in a specified time frame.

The Call Cycle Compliance report will show a breakdown of any scheduled visits not completed or completed late.

Your Missed Call by User report is going to show you when the set Visit Frequency is not being kept to.


For help setting up any of these reports please see our step by step articles on each separate report below.


Setting up Scheduled Visits:


Adding and Importing Visit Frequencies:


For further assistance please contact our friendly support team.

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