Adding a Daily Clock-In Form

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A daily clock-in form can be filled in at the start of each day just after a user has clocked into Skynamo from the mobile apps.  These forms are not connected to a customer and can be valuable to capture information like:

  • vehicle checklists
  • boot stock levels in van sales
  • any daily procedure that needs to be followed before you start to work

Creating a Daily Clock-In Form

To create a "Daily Clock-In Form", follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Forms" and click on "Add Form". 
  2. Give the form a name and then click on "Create". 
  3. Go to the "Configuration" tab and make sure to select the form type as "Daily Clock-in Form".  Click on "Save" again. 
  4. After the configuration was saved, you can add the relevant questions to the form.  Remember to save the form again after the questions were edited.


What to expect on Mobile

Multiple forms can be created as "Daily Clock-In" forms and can all be filled in at once.  The clip below shows what multiple forms will look like when clocking in from the mobile.


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