Covid-19 Daily Clock-In Screening Form

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The South African Department of Employment and Labour published the rules for occupational health and safety measures in workplaces to comply with during lockdown.  Part of these rules include procedures that need to be put in place for screening and reporting of symptoms of employees that have to go to work.

Skynamo recently added a new feature that could help employers comply with these regulations put in place.  Forms can now be added to Skynamo that needs to be filled in daily by users when they clock into Skynamo from their mobile devices.  We have created a basic form asking the basic screening questions for all our South African customers.  This form can be edited to ask any additional questions if needed.

Editing the Covid-19 Daily Clock-In Screening Form

To edit the form, go to "Forms" and select the "COVID-19 Daily clock-in screening" form.  All the results for this form can be seen on the first tab.  On the second tab, you can edit the configuration of the form, including the type of the form.  For this form to be filled in after a user clocks in, it needs to be set to "Daily clock-in form".  The questions on the form can be edited on the third tab.  Remember to save the form after you have made any changes.


What will the form look like for users?

After users clock in every day, they will be asked to fill in the questions on the form.  If they do not complete the form immediately, they will be reminded at a later stage to complete the form.


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