Editing the default GPS locations of new customers

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When adding new customers on Skynamo, by default you have the option to enter their address where they are situated. This address is simply for administration purposes for yourself and has no influence on the actual GPS location of the customer on Skynamo.

The GPS locations of the customers are dependent of the "Latitude" and "Longitude" coordinates under the customer database that gets imported:


When these fields are blank, Skynamo creates a default location placed in the middle of South Africa as indicated below:


With the first visit, the location of the customer will be automatically updated.

After the locations are saved, Skynamo will remember the locations for future visits.

Please see the alternative articles below on how to edit/update customer locations from the mobile:

How to edit the customer location - iOS

How to edit the customer location Android

Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact Support on 0861 345 345 or by sending an email to support@skynamo.com.

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