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Here are some quick steps on how to get started with Skynamo and BigCommerce integration.  For more info on how integration works please see the Skynamo BigCommerce Flow Diagram.

Step 1

Login to the BigCommerce instance that you wish to integrate with.

Step 2

Find the Skynamo App in the BigCommerce marketplace and click "Install"



Step 3

Confirm the permissions that Skynamo requires in order to access the BigCommerce information.



Step 4

If you already have access to a Skynamo instance please select "Yes, I am" in the next screen and fill in your company name or the web URL (address) that you use to access your Skynamo on the web.  Then click "Submit and Install". This will gather the necessary information and enable the Skynamo Integration.

(In the example below the company name is: "JT Tools") 


That's it!

The last screen will indicate the integration status. To disable the Skynamo integration please uninstall the Skynamo App from your BigCommerce instance by clicking "Uninstall" in the My Apps section.  


For more information or support please contact


Not a Skynamo customer yet?

If you are not a Skynamo customer and you want more information about how Skynamo can help your outside sales team, please select the "No, not yet but I would like to find out more" option and agree to receive communications from Skynamo. 


We will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a demo or start the conversation.  For more information or support please contact

Happy selling!




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