Integration Fees Explained

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Skynamo Integration is an additional paid for service, where Data from external sources are integrated with the Skynamo App. The Skynamo Integration Team makes use of a blend of technologies in order to enable integration. The recurring and once off fees  in Integration are used to subsidise the following:

Once - Off Fees

  • Project scoping meeting
  • Project Planning
  • Development time
  • QA time
  • Review and implementation of changes

Recurring Fees


  • Hosting fees on AWS
  • Updates of scripts
  • Ongoing Support
  • Writing of middleware
  • Middleware server hosting


  • Basic Integration +
  • Writing of order integration
  • Hosting of order integration
  • Ongoing advanced Support

 Writing the middleware alone for a custom integration takes on average about 3 weeks + 1 week for client to be happy.  At $400 per day, it works out to about $8000.  To fix broken integration, build upgrades and maintain servers, we try to cover our costs with the monthly fee. It also allows us to continue staffing our Integration team with highly skilled software engineers, who are available for ongoing support.


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