Bulk Importing files with Dropbox

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Dropbox is used as a mechanism to transfer files to and from Skynamo. 

This is very handy as Dropbox is a fast, secure and easy way to synchronize files using the cloud, from various platforms.

Skynamo - Dropbox integration requires an active Dropbox account that can be created at no cost.
(Cloud size limits apply for the free version)

The following entities can be imported using Dropbox integration.

When files are dropped in the ...\Dropbox\Apps\Skynamo\Imports folder they are imported on the specified polling schedule.


The "Apps" folder will automatically be created on your Dropbox folder as soon as the integration has been enabled.



Within the Apps folder, open the FieldOffice Honeybee folder, and then open the Imports folder.




The following files can be imported by dropping them into this folder:

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Invoices
  • Stock Levels
  • Tasks
  • User Visit Frequencies
  • Customer Files
  • Product Files
  • Price Rules
  • Pricing Contracts
  • User Targets
  • Customer Targets

The import templates may be found here.

The naming convention should be the type of file (For example "Customers[space]randomname") with the .xlsx extension.

Multiple files may be imported at once by dropping all of them in this root folder.

For this example, I named my file "Customers Integrationfile.xlsx"


This file can be dropped into the ...\Dropbox\Apps\Skynamo\Imports folder listed above.


To run the Dropbox integration, select Integrations under Settings in Skynamo and press on "Import now" and witness the file disappear from your Dropbox account.




You may also set up a polling schedule at which times the integration will run from this screen:


The following transactions can be exported to the Dropbox folder. 

When specified transactions and/or forms are completed, they can optionally be exported to the ...\Dropbox\Apps\Skynamo\Exports

  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • Credit Requests
  • Forms
  • Form pictures

(To upload files onto your customers/products, click here)

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