Customising User Roles

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User Roles provide a way of managing bigger teams easier in terms of adding new users as well as doing custom reporting on different teams. Different User Roles can be set up to give your teams different sets of permissions. If you have a team that can place orders and a team that cannot place orders, different roles can be created to give them access to exactly what they need access to.


Adding and managing User Roles

Account Managers in Skynamo can create and manage User Roles. To add or manage User Roles, go to “Settings” and select “User Roles” at the bottom left. To edit a User Role, click on the name of the User Role or to add a new User Role, click on “Add user role”.


From here you can edit the user role name as well as all the permissions for the user role.  Remember to click “save” when editing user roles or “create” when adding new User Roles. 


Duplicating User Roles 

User roles can be duplicated to create different roles with slightly different permissions.  To duplicate a user role, hover over the role that you want to duplicate and click on “Duplicate”.  From here you will be able to change the name and edit the permissions for the newly created role. 




Deleting User Roles 

User Roles can only be deleted if there are no users assigned to the role.  To delete a user role, hover over the role that you want to delete and click on “Delete”. 




Assigning users to roles 

Editing user settings requires the correct permissions.  If you have the correct permission to edit users, go to “Users”, hover over a user and click on “Edit user”.  Here you will be able to change the user’s role.  Remember to click “Save” after you changed the user’s role. 



You will also be able to filter your Skynamo Calendar by User roles to easily see the planning done by a specific team.


If you have any questions or need help setting up your user roles. Please contact our support on 

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