Troubleshooting your Android device

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If you are experiencing issues with Skynamo on your Android device, there are a few things you can check yourself prior to contacting the support team.

Check your internet connection

Start by checking your internet connectivity. Make sure either your mobile data or WiFi is on. It is also advised that both are not on at the same time, as this is an extra drain on your battery. You can check if you have a good internet connection by doing a quick Google search. The daily weather would be a good standard search. If the search works, there is no issue with your internet connectivity. If the search does not work and the web page gives you a connection error or message, there is no internet connectivity, and this is the main issue.

This could be due to insufficient data or that you are in an area with bad/no reception. Once that is resolved, Skynamo and your other applications should resume working as normal.

Check your device storage

The second thing you should check is if your device has enough storage available on it. If the device is full, Skynamo will not be able to Sync. Follow the steps below to check the space on your device:




If the amount available is limited, please be sure to delete any unnecessary files/photos/emails/videos or apps, a storage availability of at least 900 MB should ensure sufficient syncing of Skynamo.

Update your software

Be sure that your Skynamo app is updated, and that your device is on the most updated software version.

Make sure that your battery saver mode is not enabled.

Contact the Skynamo support team

If none of the above issues are encountered, please feel free to contact our support team at or 0861 345 345.


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