An alternative for making announcements.

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Skynamo has the functionality that allows you to make an announcement. This enables a user that has this permission enabled, to send a broadcast message that will pop up as a notification on the devices of all the users. You can read more about this functionality here.

However, Skynamo does not save your announcements. Should you prefer that this happens, this article explains an alternative that will enable you to keep record of all your announcements.

Please follow the steps below to implement this method:

- Click on the 'Add customer' button as illustrated in the red block.


- In the name field, type in: '.Announcements', as illustrated in the red block below. You do not need to fill in any other field.

- Then select create.

- This will create a customer account for the purpose of making announcements and will be located at the top of your customer list.

- Then you should assign all users to this customer.

- Type your announcement in the comment field, then click on 'Add comment'.

- The history of all the comments will be shown in the Timeline.

- The announcement will appear like the image below in the Notification bar.

- The announcement will also show as a comment on the user's Timeline.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact support at 0861 345 345 or

Have a nice Skynamo day!

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