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We know using new technology might be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve put together some points to help you get started! We have broken up what you need to know and do into three simple steps:


1) Training

2) Setting Things Up

3) Getting Help


Step 1: Training

We have found that a solid training foundation really maximises the benefit you can get from Skynamo! We have two options available for training:

1) Online Training

For access to our self-learning portal (The Skynamo Academy), simply create your own profile, by going to https://academy.skynamo.com/login/. Underneath the login area, you can choose the option to create your own account. On this portal, you will find pre-recorded videos about the basics of Skynamo.

You can also request access from training@skynamo.com, and we'll send you your Learning Centre credentials if you get stuck.


You can also use this link to log in if you already have your credentials.

(Please note, your Skynamo academy credentials are not necessarily the same as your credentials for the Skynamo App.)

2) Alternative Training

For alternative Training options to get you and your team up and running click on the following link: https://skynamo.com/mobile-sales-app-services/training/ 

Step 2: Setting Things Up

Skynamo is a comprehensive solution, so there are a few technical nuances with imports. All import templates can be found here.

We suggest taking the following steps to make things work just right:

1) Configure your Instance

You can watch this video on How to configure your instance.
Or read how to do this by clicking here.

2) Adding Users

You can watch this video How to add a user.
Or follow the instructions by clicking here

3) Importing your data

This is the tricky one! There are one or two general paths: Integration or Manual Data Imports. If you have Xero or Sage One, please look at the instructions found for Sage One and for Xero.

For importing all your other data, here are some useful links:

4) Set up Reports

Skynamo has a lot of basic reporting that provides powerful insights into your business! So, click here for a list of recommended reports, and how to set them up!


Step 3 Getting Help

Below are a few FAQs, but if you are stuck on a particular problem, please feel free to browse this Help Centre, or contact our friendly support team by clicking on the "submit a request" button in the top right-hand corner of the page*.

We hope you enjoy Skynamo and get to love it as much as we do!

1) What are Skynamo Compliant Devices?

Please ensure that the device you use for Skynamo meets our minimum requirements:

2) Where is the best place to find useful Skynamo info?

Right here! If you want to learn more about the app, have any questions or are experiencing any issues - you can search through our online library here.

3) When will you be billed?

Please note that invoicing will commence on our next month’s billing cycle.

*To help us assist you more effectively, see this article prior to sending Support requests:

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