Why are you not seeing the visit comment on the timeline or on the call report?

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Skynamo only shows the very 1st question with values on the form.

Thus, if you have a different question other than comment at the top, then that question will appear on the timeline and call report.


The one line of information that you can see about this visit, is the first question with value in the first visit form.

The way the form is setup is that the "Regular Visit" would be on top, being the answer to the first question: "What type of visit is this?". The comment that the user makes about the visit only appears below the first question. You can click on the visit to view more information. Below you can see what this form currently looks like from the web interface.


If the first question requires a comment, then on the timeline and the call report it will show the comment depending on how long the comment is you’ll be able to expand and view more. Again, see the setup below of how it will display on the web interface.


When you hover your cursor over the visit in the timeline you’ll get a preview


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