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Ever wondered what the user statuses mean…red, green, grey?

Here’s a quick look to explain the different user statuses that you see;

  • “Clocked out” states that the user is currently clocked out. The user clocked out at the time stamp of 10:37 AM 


  • “Clocked in” states that the user is currently clocked in on the mobile app. The user clocked in at 7:20 AM


  • “No information” can be displayed for several reasons, the most common one is that the user has not completed a full sync in the past 28 days.
    Or the users only use Skynamo’s web interface and not the mobile app.


  • “Connection error” points to the device that has a connection error, this shows that there is something stuck on the device. It could be that it ran out of storage or the Skynamo app version is very old and has not been updated recently.
    This may appear sometimes even if the user is clocked in, and their interactions will still sync to the web interface.


  • “Never connected” states that the user has never connected to the Skynamo Field application.
    So this is more than likely an office based user only or manager.


  • “App update required” indicates that this user is not running on the most recent version of the app. If the user does not update the app after a few newer versions are released, the app might stop working optimally.


  • “No connection” points to the device that has a connection error, no live interactions will take place with these devices, and the last sync done was more than a couple of hours ago. All interactions will still sync once the device establishes a data connection again.


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