How to use Skynamo's No tracking option

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When you select to turn off tracking, your live location is no longer stored, unless you log a visit.  Visit locations are used to report whether visits with your customers are onsite or offsite.  This means that no one will be able to see your live location or the route that you traveled during the day on any of the reports in Skynamo.   


Even though we don’t save your location, we still need access to the location of your device to give you a smooth experience in terms of sorting the customer list to show the customers closest to you.  For travel claim purposes, we only save the distance that you travelled for the day.    

By turning tracking off, we can ensure that you still have your privacy while being able to get the most out of Skynamo. 

For more in-depth info behind the release of this new feature please read the article by following the link below: 

In this document we are going to show you how you, as a Skynamo account manager, can switch off the tracking for your Field users. Simply follow the outlined steps.


Start by editing your user’s profile: 


On the user settings select the “Tracking preference”:


Select the “No tracking” option:


Your user’s track-points will no longer be live.



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