How to bulk import images and product files via Dropbox

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To mass import product images via Dropbox, the following needs to be in place:

  1. The file associated to a certain product needs to be the product code as the file name, see images below. Skynamo uses the file name and matches it to the product that it needs to be linked with.


      2. The images need to be in either .jpg or .png file format.

      3. If your product code contains spaces, please replace it using an underscore – “_

      4. Please note the following characters can’t be imported :” \ / : * ? < > | “ - if your product name                     contains one of these characters, it can be replaced with "-".
      5. When you want to add multiple images to one product, simply add a space and a number " #" at                the end of the image name, ex: 1.2W3M 1 & 1.2W3M 2.

Once all of this is in order and files have the correct names, we will import these files into Skynamo using the shared Dropbox folder.



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