How to log an idea on Skynamo

On Skynamo, we have made an option available for our users to log ideas that they have that might improve Skynamo. This is one place that our development team keeps an eye on for ideas or future implementations. After you have shared your idea, mutual Skynamo users will be able to vote on your idea. If your idea receives enough votes, our development teams will implement the idea into Skynamo provided that it is in line with our company strategy. You are also able to vote for any ideas placed by other users. This article explains how this is done.

Current developments for Skynamo

You are also welcome to look at the Skynamo development roadmap for you to see what our development teams are currently working on: You may find that your idea is currently being worked on!

Logging or voting for an idea

  1. When you are logged in to your Skynamo web interface, you can navigate to your profile settings at the top-right of your screen.


2. Click on the 'Add an idea' option.


3. The Product portal will open


4. If you would like to add your own idea, please click on the 'Submit idea' button.


5. You will now be able to configure your idea by filling in the provided fields, then select the 'Submit' button.


6. The last step would be to click the link sent to your email in order to confirm your email address.




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