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This tutorial covers the procedure for uninstalling / reinstalling our Skynamo app.

Please only action this if instructed by Support, and at the end of the day after your last visit has been completed and your Skynamo app manually synchronized. 


Please note: Ensure that you have sent a debug email first to support@skynamo.com as this is a backup of your app's data.

How to send a Debug email - Android


Open Google Playstore and search for Skynamo:



Press on Skynamo and select Uninstall:



Wait for this process to finish and then press on install:



Accept all the agreements and wait for the install to finish.

Open Skynamo and enter your login credentials: 

On the first login page, fill in your email address. Then select Continue.



On the second login page, enter your organization name. Then select Continue.



On the third login page, your email address should be pre-filled in. Enter your password, then select Continue once more.


After logging in you will see the following Homescreen:


On this screen, click on the Clock In button.

Select the sync button to start downloading the information from your company system to your app.


This might take an hour or two, depending on the size of your database, but it's a once-off process.

DISCLAIMER: You will need to complete this initial sync in order to view your information, such as your customers, on your Skynamo app.
After this, the system will automatically update with any new information in the background.


Should you fail to log into Skynamo again, please click here on how to reset your password.

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