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To get yourself up and running we offer free product-training for all our users. You can choose from self-paced learning on The Skynamo Academy, where you will find a variety of short video simulations and quizzes covering all the Skynamo features, or alternatively doing a remote Zoom session with one of our expert trainers, guiding you through the app, step by step.

1) Facilitated Training

For live training with one of our training consultants in the form of a webinar (usually over Zoom), please book on the following link: On this link, you will also find the necessary information regarding the specific topics that will be covered during each session.

2) Online Training

For access to our self-learning portal (The Skynamo Academy), simply request access from, we'll send you your Learning Centre credentials. On this portal, you will find pre-recorded videos about the basics of Skynamo.

You can also create your own profile, by going to Below the login area, you can choose the option to create your own account:


You can also use this link to login, if you already have your credentials.

(Please note, your Skynamo academy credentials are not necessarily the same as your credentials for the Skynamo App - If you are a registered Skynamo user, you will still have to setup your training account as explained above.)

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