Setting up your goals with Skynamo IOS

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You can now see the total of your weekly activities done on Skynamo and set goals against each one of them directly on your Skynamo application. 

You can choose between:

  • The number of visits you have done
  • The value of orders you have placed
  • The value of quotes you have submitted
  • The value of invoices sent to customers assigned to you

How to view your activities and setup your goals:

  1. To view your activities on your dashboard and start setting up your goals, click on the “Set up your goals” button, or the 3 blue dots to the right of the goals window.



  1. You will be taken to a settings screen where you can toggle the visibility of each activity as well as set up a goal for that specific activity.



  1. You can choose which weekly activities you would like to see, as well as set an individual goal for each activity.

  2. Once these goals have been set, click on the arrow on the top left-side of your screen to return to your dashboard.


  1. You will now see your selected weekly activities displayed on your dashboard, as well as the individual goals you’ve set up and a graph to display your progress towards reaching them. Keep in mind these activities and goals can be edited at any time and each week’s goals will stay the same until you edit them yourself.

  2. Once you have reached your goal, the graph will change to celebrate your victory!


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