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Skynamo’s default Sage Evolution integration offering works very well in the case of Van Sales, or companies selling “boot stock”. Skynamo’s default functionality allows users to log visits, report on activities, import invoice history, as well as being able to place orders / quotes / credit requests and forms, all directly from the mobile device!

With a few small integration configurations, we are also able to handle Boot Stock well.

Boot Stock

Skynamo can manage Boot Stock by using our integration service. We will create Boot Stock as a "Warehouse" inside Skynamo, and then we will reduce the Boot Stock Level, by the quantity of items ordered at that Warehouse. Administrators will be able to also update Boot Stock Levels through the Skynamo Management Web Portal.


Skynamo’s default Forms also allows you to create your own “Receipt” form. Users can issue these forms in the field, which can be signed for on the device, and then emailed directly to the customer.


Skynamo can generate a daily “Boot Stock Sold” report that can be sent to administrators to ensure stock gets replenished as needed. Skynamo’s default reporting includes additional useful information such as: Daily Call Reports / Time & Attendance / Visit Compliance. With our powerful Analytics Platform, we can also generate custom reports.

Additional Considerations

  • Skynamo does not have a payment system built in or offer any POS / Pro Forma / Invoice facility
  • Boot stock levels will not be "live", and will rely on Skynamo's Integration Service running
  • There is no barcode scanning for delivery nor collection.




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