How to edit self assignment permissions on the web interface

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If you are the Skynamo Account Manager for your company you will be able to edit user permissions, where you can decide what they can and cannot do on the mobile app. This article covers the "self-assign" permission setting specifically that allows a user to assign a customer to themselves for 24 hours. To edit this setting, see the following outlined steps:

Navigate to settings and select User roles.


Choose the role you wish to edit.


The two tick boxes that come in to play here is the "See full list of customers" and the "Self-assign customers".

"See full list of customers" - If this box is disabled, then the user will only be able to see the customers that are assigned to them on their customer database, and the "Self-assign customers" box will not be applicable at all.

"Self-assign customers" - If this box is ticked then the user will be able to assign customers to their name for 24 hours. When they clock in the following day again, then the customer will be unassigned again, but this gives the Field user time to assist the customer with any quotes,orders,forms, etc.


If the "See full list of customers" permission is ticked and "Self-assign customers" is disabled, then the Field user will be able to see all the customers in the company database, however the ones not assigned to them will be grayed-out, and they will not be able to access the customer profile.


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