What does it mean when “This visit will be marked as off-site”

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When you are meeting a customer at a different location than the one saved as the location on their profile, be it a coffee shop or trade show or workshop, and you start your visit Skynamo will indicate “This visit will be marked as off-site”. 

On the Android it will be displayed as below:



The iOS display is similar:



On your daily call report and/or timeline (on the web interface) the visit will have the following symbol and text:



If you are indeed meeting the customer away from their normal premises, that is perfectly in order, please just indicate in the visit comment where you are meeting the customer, as you are still meeting the customer face to face and should be adding a visit.

If you are meeting the customer at their normal premises and you see this message, the location might be incorrect. You can edit the location to change your meeting to on-site.

Please follow the links to either our Android or iOS guide to edit the location should you need any assistance:


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