Using Customer Fields to help scope your forms

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If you have specific forms that are only intended for a certain group of customers, or should only be filled out during certain periods (for example, when you are running a promotion or campaign) it is sometimes difficult to apply specific enough filters to make the forms visible only to the specific customers you wish to target.

To help you with this, you can add specific customer fields and apply this on the required customer profiles. This article explains how this is done.

After logging in on the Skynamo Web interface as a manager user, select the Settings icon in the top right of the screen. From the “View” list to the left, select “Customer fields”.


You will then need to create a “data field” which you will use to target the respective customers. For this example, we will use a “Campaigns” field. As can be seen below, this field is added as you would add a question to a normal form. To make this filterable we use the “Drop Down Box” question type.


Once the field has been created and saved, you will need to "link" all the relevant customers to this default status of "Campaigns"="Yes" in order for them to be able to use this form.

This can be achieved either with a bulk customer import, or by linking the customers one by one within the customer profile, e.g.:

Once all the relevant customers are "linked" to the Campaigns data field that you created, the last objective is to link the relevant “Campaign” forms to the newly created data field, eg:


This form will now only be available at the customers with the data field “Campaigns” selected as “Yes”

As a manager user you can decide if this field should be editable by your users on the customer details page.

Please let us know if you require any assistance with setting this up by contacting us at

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