Integration for Existing Skynamo Customers (i.e. using Skynamo without initial integration)

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Integration for Existing Skynamo Clients is (believe it or not) a little more complex than integration for new clients. The reason for this, is that quite often this means you are using two parallel, but unrelated systems (e.g. Skynamo and your financial system).

The problem that occurs, is that your Skynamo Data sometimes diverges from your ERP (customer codes and names might differ slightly). When integration is then requested after some time, there is difficulty reconciling these two systems.

For existing client integrations, there are three possible routes to take:

1) Fresh Start

We strongly recommend this route. We create a fresh instance of Skynamo, and keep your old instance for historical reference.

We will only work with your Financial / ERP System's data, which means you are in full control of the data, at the source.

2) Partial Migration

We can provide you a list of Skynamo Customers, you match them with your ERP customers, and then we deactivate all unmatched clients in order remove all unnecessary clutter.

3) Full Migration

We will provide you a full list of customers, and you provide a 1 to 1 mapping with your ERP customers. You will then have to maintain both databases within Skynamo.

In order to make things simpler with these processes, please ensure that customers loaded on Skynamo use the same codes and other details as is used in your ERP. We also suggest being judicious when adding new "customers" on Skynamo, as this can cause a lot of duplication.

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