Making planning simpler with Visit Frequencies Android

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There are few things more tedious than planning and reporting on something that needs to be the same week in and week out...if only a computer can do this for me... 

If this is how you feel, then I am about to blow your mind!

Visit Frequencies are the way to go! Skynamo allows you to specify how often a customer should be visited, and then will show you who needs to be visited in the coming week, and even overdue visits! All of this will also be reported on a daily basis, automating the entire cycle from start to finish!

Here are some screenshots of the feature in action:

You can even filter on who needs to be visited!



If you need some more information or if you would like to set up this ridiculously cool feature, just give the Skynamo support team a call at 0861 345 345 or contact them via email at

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