Installing/Updating Skynamo - iOS

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In order to download apps (and of course, Skynamo!) on an iOS device you first need to have an active Apple ID. If you already have one, then you can just use this to log onto your new device. If not, simply create a new free account. Once this is set up then:

Go to the App store and download the following app:
• Skynamo


Search for Skynamo by typing in the search bar



Select ‘GET’ or the "cloud" button to install




Select ‘UPDATE’ to update the application

To ensure that the application runs smoothly, ALWAYS update when an update is due. Regular maintenance of the application ensures your experience with Skynamo is always optimal.



If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact our support team by mailing or call

SA: +27 861 345 345

USA: +1 917 242 3582

UK: +44 203 150 0217


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