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The customer profile will show you all the information and history you will need to work optimally with your customer. You will start with the Details page, containing all the customers contact and company information.




The Sales Overview Tab displays the monthly invoice targets as set up by management for the customer’s profile as well as your actual invoiced value for the past 6 months.




The Timeline Tab will display a complete list of all the interactions that were logged with that specific customer. 




This Timeline can be filtered to the specific interactions you would like to view.




The Tasks Tab shows the list of tasks or scheduled visits created for the customer on the To-Do list.




The Files Tab shows all the files management has uploaded for the customer.




Stocked Products shows you the products the customer has previously bought, as well as their model stock/minimum stock requirements. All products marked with a blue tick mark have either been previously invoiced, ordered or quoted on.




The Top Ordered Tab indicates which products are in highest demand at the customer by quantity, based on previous orders.




The Not Ordered Tab will list all the products on your company instance that the customer has never ordered from you.


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