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There are two scenarios when updating customer locations:

• You have one main Customer e.g. Pick ‘n Pay Head Office. With lots of other Pick ‘n Pay branches that all fall under the same client. You will therefore only be able to have one location set for this client (usually their Head Office) or if there is an address that you frequently visit the most, rather set this address as the “Customer Location”. For all other visits to Customers under this brand, you will always be marked “off site” but you can then say in your visit comments “visited Pick ‘n Pay Lansdowne today at their store”. This way even if you were marked off-site your map will reflect that you were at Pick ‘n Pay Lansdowne.

• At some stage GPS co-ordinates were incorrectly listed and now when you are at your customer (at the correct location) it marks you as off-site. In this case you need to edit the location. You can follow the 3 steps below, by clicking on the edit pen, selecting edit location and then clicking on the compass icon in the bottom right of the map to move the location pin to your current location. Once at the right spot, select Set Location, and then save the new location. Now your location will be updated and you can go Add your visit and it will mark you as on-site.

To update a customer’s location, access the customer profile and scroll to the Location section:

Select “Edit Location”



Use the compass icon to center and align your current location and the dropped pin to ensure you mark the customer location accurately, select "Set location" to successfully tag the location.


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