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On Skynamo iOS, our customer details are viewable in a smartlist. The following article will take you through the information and actions you have available to you.

Details and Timeline

Details will display all relevant information linked to the customer and the customer Timeline will be your history with this customer, going back 2 months. You can click on the VIEW button to view the full timeline for the past 2 months.



At the top of your smartlist you will have a comment section. You can use this for any phone or email interactions happening with your customers.

Sales overview

If your company has integration with your financial system you will also have your Sales overview, containing your customer’s invoices for the past 6 months. This tab will also have your targets if they have been uploaded per month for this customer.



Next you will see your contacts at this customer. You can view or edit current contacts at this customer or choose to add new contacts.


To-do list

Your To Do tab will have any upcoming tasks or visits you need to complete for this customer, and you can also add a new task or visit by using the buttons provided.


Customer details

Your customer details as added either by yourself or from your financial system will be visible. You can also edit these details straight from here by clicking on the VIEW/EDIT button.


Customer location

The map of the customer location will be available after your first visit to this customer. You can choose to either navigate to the customer using the saved location pin, or you can also edit the customer location from here:


Files and Stocked products

Lastly you will have your Files and Stocked products tabs.

You can view your filed and share them when necessary (keep in mind new files cannot be added from the app).

Stocked products can be viewed and added by clicking on your button to expand the information.



Lastly, you can click on the “START A VISIT” button to start a visit for this customer.



If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact our support team by mailing or call


SA: +27 861 345 345


USA: +1 917 242 3582


UK: +44 203 150 0217

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