Converting a Quote to an Order - iOS

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It is very easy to convert a quote to an order when using the Skynamo Field App.

Simply locate the quote either on the Dashboard or Timeline tab within the customer profile, and open the Quote.



Select Options (the three dots) and choose Create Order.


You can edit the order items on this page or tap on the "ADD DETAILS" button to edit the comments/emails/signature of the order. After ensuring everything is correct by checking the order summary, proceed to the signature field and hand the device over to the customer to sign, and then select confirm.


This is the same screen you see when finalizing a new quote. After capturing the client’s signature as acceptance of the order, select the Submit button to proceed to the summary page of the order. Press on Send to submit the order.


Under the Timeline section in the customer profile, you will now see the quote and the order as and when they were placed.


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