Adding Tasks/Scheduled Visits on iOS

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Skynamo allows you to add and manage your own To-do list.


Your manager user or office/admin user can also add tasks, set reminders and even schedule customer visits to your To-do list, allowing you to follow real time updates and cut time spent on checking e-mails and phone calls to and from the office.

To Add a task, open ‘To-do’ from your navigation panel, and select the plus icon + in the top right-hand corner. If permitted, you will have an option to schedule a visit.



You will then be directed to the Create new task page, where you can add specific information about the task.

Specify Task – Describe what it is that needs to be done in detail.

Choose Customer –You can add the task under the customer profile if the task is related to a specific customer only. If it is a general task, you may leave the Customer field blank.

Select the Due date from a calendar using the drop-down arrow.

Set Time, if the task needs to be completed before a certain time.

Set a Reminder for the task to receive a reminder notification.

Once you have completed all the information for the task, select ADD at the top right of the screen to load it to your To-do list.



Any pending tasks will be marked on the date that the action is due and listed underneath the calendar to show the task details.

You can mark a task as completed by ticking the circle to the left of the relevant task.
The only way to remove a scheduled visit is to log a customer visit when you have a face to face meeting with the customer.

After selecting a date, the outstanding tasks and visits will show for that day.



If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact our support team by mailing or call

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