How to Add a New User

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As a Skynamo Account Manager, you have the ability to administrate the users who have access to Skynamo.

To add a new user, simply login to Skynamo, either using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:

Then, navigate to the Users tab and select the blue Add user button:

Simply add in the user's details and then click "Create":



Once your user has been added, they will receive a Welcome Email that will guide them with setting up their password.


  • Username: The name your rep will use to login (Keep this simple).
  • E-mail: The address that your orders, quotes, reports, etc will be sent to.
  • Display name: The name that will display on the Web portal for reporting and the Timeline.
  • Role: Select the role for the new account. Read more here.
  • Can see: Read more here.

Please remember to send an email to after adding the new user(s) if rep assignments are required.

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