3rd Party Policy

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Skynamo Service’s Integration Team often has to work with third parties in order to complete a successful integration. We enjoy this task and at Skynamo we are always open for collaboration!

There are, however, a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to Skynamo / third party relationships:

1)  Data Handling

Skynamo’s Integration team is responsible for transforming a dataset into our format and then importing it into Skynamo. In the case where orders need to be exported, Skynamo will be responsible for placing the exported file into the agreed upon File Exchange Folder.

The third party will be responsible for providing Skynamo any required data in the agreed File Exchange Folder and will also be responsible for collecting data exported by Skynamo from this folder in order to import it into the Client’s Financial / CRM system.

2)  Communication

Skynamo is not under any obligation to liaise with third parties on behalf of a Client. Clients need to speak to their contracted third parties directly. Skynamo will be happy provide assistance where it may be required. Communicating and dealing with a third party is, however, the Client’s exclusive full responsibility. 

3)  Security

Information exchanged with Clients shall be transferred through Skynamo's approved secure channels, using dedicated credentials that Skynamo will provide to the Client. Third parties that require access to these credentials to perform information exchange on behalf of the Client must obtain these credentials from the Client. Skynamo will not issue these credentials directly to any third party. Clients must impress upon their third parties the requirement to keep these credentials secure. Skynamo recommends that Clients change these credentials when changing third parties.

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