Import templates

In order to import data onto Skynamo, the data needs to be in a certain format on excel.

The following templates are based on the templates that you are able to download from the imports tab on your company instance, however, they have been edited to make them more understandable.


NB: Please take note of the index tabs in the templates for definitions of each field, and whether the field is required for the import to be successful, or only for additional information which can be added at a later stage.


When starting out on Skynamo, we advise the following templates to be filled out and imported first:

  • Customers Template (Default Customer Fields)
  • Product (Price) Template
  • Users Import Template

This data will allow you to start testing things out on Skynamo and allow reps to start working on Skynamo.

If you should want to add any other information to personalize your instance further, here are the relevant templates

  • Comments Template
  • Contacts Template
  • Customer Targets Template
  • Deal Groups Template
  • Invoices Template
  • Merge template (Fill in and mail to Support)
  • Model stock Template
  • Order Unit Scopes Template
  • Stock Levels Template
  • Tasks Template
  • User Target Template
  • Visit Frequencies template

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    Note that the following limits apply:

    Customer code must have 40 or less characters.

    Product code must have 40 or less characters.

    When using the file exchanger via Dropbox, Product Unit name length must have 20 or less characters.


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