How to create a Google Map with all your customer locations

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Skynamo automatically pins new customer locations as they get visited. However, we quite often receive requests to display all these customer pins on a consolidated map. Here is a quick "how to" to achieve just that!

Step 1: Download your customer database from Skynamo:

Step 2: Open the Excel Sheet:

Step 3: Remove all unnecessary info and entries (in this case, we'll just use customer name and status, and filter on "Gold" clients):

Step 4: Save the final sheet, and go to Google Maps:

Step 5: Select the menu bar in Google Maps:

Step 6: Select "Your Places":

Step 7: Select "Maps" , and then "Create Map":

Step 8: Select the "Untitled Layer" to rename the map:

Step 9: Select "Import"

Step 10: Browse for your file:

Step 11: Select the fields you think are relevant:

Step 12: Choose the main identifier and click "Finish":

Step 13: A new map is created, containing all the data of the file you imported per customer!

This map is also saved on your Google Account for future reference.


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