Manage your database with Customer Fields and Filters

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Customer fields are a great way to classify parts of your database that might be important to you, and a good way to assist your users in planning and prioritizing when used as filters.

Good examples of such fields could be a tiering system, eg. Gold, Silver or Bronze customers, or a customer type classification, eg. Corporate, Reseller or Private customers.

If this information exists in your financial (ERP) system it can be imported into Skynamo. This information can also be manually added to any new customers created directly on the Skynamo database.

Once the information has been imported, you can edit these Customer fields to be used as filters.


Start by opening the Customer Fields Tab in your Settings.



On your field options, to the right,  you will see the settings below. If you tick the “Can filter on this field” option, you will be able to filter your database by these fields on the web interface, and your field users will be able to filter by these options on their mobile devices.

The following are some examples of filters that can be added:


These can be added by editing your custom customer fields. If this is new information for your company you can also edit all of your current customers in bulk and re-import the information into Skynamo.

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