How to Import Customer Targets

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Customer targets can be imported into the Skynamo database in the following two ways - (1) Integration and (2) Manual Import. This article primarily discussed the second option, but briefly mentions the first.


We can pull the targets from your ERP (Financial system) or Dropbox to Skynamo through integration if the necessary fields are made available on both Skynamo and your ERP. If you would like to explore this possibility, kindly contact our Skynamo Support team on 0861 345 345 or email

Manual import

Navigate to “Settings” at the top right of your screen, select “Imports” from the view panel to the left, and select “import customer targets” from the list of import options.


Select browse to select the pre-loaded file with set targets, after finding it where you have saved it on your computer.


Here is an example of the Customer targets template with data to be imported. Columns indicate the customer code, the relevant month for the target (yyyy/mm/dd), your desired sales target and your current sales to date.


Once the file has been selected click “File Select” to import


Confirm the selected file and click “Import Customer targets” after ensuring that your headings match the columns.


After importing the following notification will show indicating a successful import.


To view the imported target on the Web Interface, select and open the customer profile as indicated below, and navigate to the “Reports” tab within the customer profile.


After the successful importing of the customer targets by the Manager or through integration, Skynamo Field users will have access to this information on the Sales Overview tab as shown below:

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