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Skynamo Services offers a very exciting Report Writing Service: Skynamo Analytics. There are a few important considerations when requesting / using our Analytics services: 


1) Don't change the structure without informing us!

One of Skynamo's strengths, is to be able to configure and change entities such as forms with a few simple clicks. However, if you remove fields, or even change the field or form name, we won't be able to reference it anymore in our reports. If you intend on making any changes to the form, please let us know beforehand.


2) Come to us with problems, not solutions.

A core part of our product offering, is being able to solve client problems. As the old saying goes, "there are many ways to skin a cat", and we just might have a different perspective on how to solve your business need.


3) Simplify!

It is very easy to get carried away with all the possibilities of Analytics. We suggest rather starting small and simple, with a core need. Once the basic need is met using Analytics, then all parties have better context and it becomes easier to build more complex reports.


Analytics is a very exciting service with a whole new branch of possibilities at Skynamo! One last thing to consider, is to always bear in mind the question of "what are we trying to achieve?". As our Product Manager pointed out: "The number you display is the number people will try to change".

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