Why am I seeing someone else's interactions on my Timeline?

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When you are assigned to a customer, you see any interactions or activities happening at that customer in the customers history as well as on your timeline. If one of your colleagues or admin users are making a comment or completing a visit at the customer, you will also see this in your customer history and your timeline.

This is to make sure that when you work with the customer that you are completely up to date with anything that has happened at the customer previously. The full team has transparency of previous interactions when dealing with any customer.

In the below example you will see that I have my own interactions on the timeline (user Jana) as well as my colleague’s interactions at my assigned customers. I know exactly what is being done and if there is anything I need to react on. 


In this screenshot below you can see the customer history Skynamo is showing me. My activities are here (user Jana) as well as interactions from my colleagues.


- If your colleague was there the day before or called/emailed the customer you will know about it.
- If the admin user or a colleague placed an order/quote at the client you will know about it.

Your timeline does not only show you what you have done, but what has been done at your customers. If anything is done at your customers, Skynamo makes sure you know about it.


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