Adding or removing users from reports

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If a new user has joined the company or someone has moved on, you as the Management user or Account manager would need to take the responsibility to make the required updates to the reports by adding them where needed or removing the name after they have left. This article explains how this is done.

Step 1: Select the Reports tab from the top bar and the report you would like to view.
The Cape Town Team Call Report will be used as an example below.

On the right hand side you will have your selected filters or any other criteria for the selected report.

Step 2: Remove the required users by clicking the small “x” to the left of their name.
You can add new users to this report by selecting their name from the list that appears when you click in the white space next to one of the other names. (See screenshots below)

Step 3: Once your users have been added/removed remember to save and update the report

Your previous report settings will remain unchanged as can be seen below, where selecting 0 for the current period, and 1 for the previous period shown. Select Update report to continue.

Step 4: Lastly, if this is a report that gets emailed, you should also update the recipients on the schedule, by adding/removing the required users.

Your report will then be updated accordingly.

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