How to do a data drop IOS

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Sometimes Skynamo is unable to sync due to there being a data conflict (i.e. from a merged customer). In these situations, we recommend that you do a data drop, and restart the syncing process.

1) Open your Skynamo settings and select "Send a debug email" 


2) Include your unique email when sending the debug email, this you'll be able to copy and paste from the settibgs


2) Send a debug mail
The email address should generate automatically to - if you are prompted to select the emailing service that will send the email, please use Gmail if possible.





3) Once you have sent your debug mail, navigate back to your settings and select "Delete device data"



5) Confirm that you would like to delete this data.



6) Your data will now be deleted from the device. You will not need to log in again, and all your information will automatically start to re-sync. You can manually sync your device by selecting "Synchronize Now". We recommend having Wi-Fi access when you go through this process.



If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact our support team by mailing or call


SA: +27 861 345 345


USA: +1 917 242 3582


UK: +44 203 150 0217

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